To address new threats and unfriendly actions in Space, France has a goal: to monitor Space, from Space. Against this backdrop, CNES awarded HEMERIA the YODA project (French acronym for “eyes in orbit for an agile demonstrator”), the aim of which is to design and supply a demonstrator for two reconnaissance smallsats in geostationary orbit, to protect French military satellites from suspicious, or even hostile maneuvers.

The purpose of these two smallsats, scheduled for launch into orbit in 2024, is first of all to validate the technologies used in approaching a satellite, determine the proximity operations payloads and train the Space Command operators for operations in Space. If this demonstrator proves satisfactory, an operational satellite could be launched in about 2030 for the active defense of Space.

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HEMERIA has been selected by the French Ministry for the Economy, Finance and Recovery as a beneficiary of the “France Relance” recovery plan, under the ASTROID project (Advanced Satellite Technology, Radio Occultation and IoD Demonstrator), which consists of in-orbit testing (IOT) on a HEMERIA smallsat platform of equipment and technological solutions from 6 partners (ANYWAVES, COMAT, CS GROUP, MECANO ID, STEEL and SYNTONY) to qualify them for an operational environment.

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