HEMERIA designs, builds, tests and integrates thermal control subsystems used in all types of applications (commercial, defense, scientific).
  • Design to customer's specifications 
  • ATOX certified processes
  • EN 9100 certified quality management system
  • Complete procurement management
  • Controlled lead-times, quality and costs


thermal protections designed per year


satellites in orbit with a HEMERIA solution

Approved on


Earth observation satellites


Constellation of telecommunication satellites


Military observation satellite


Earth observation satellite


Satellite positioning system


Geostationary telecommunication satellite


Geostationary telecommunication satellite

Tools and resources

  • Nearly 5,000 sq-m of ISO 8 clean rooms
  • ISO 5 zone
  • Qualified operators
  • Industrial sewing machines
  • Cutting optimisation software
  • Special zone for integrating 500-kg class satellites
  • On-site laboratory

Technical expertise and processes

  • Single-layer (SLI) and multi-layer (MLI) insulation
  • 3D design according to the customer's specifications
  • Technical expertise and optimisation of materials : black Kapton, peek, mylar, germanium, aluminised compositions, titanium sheets...
  • Layout : definition of manufacturing and assembly plans, definition of the mechanical interfaces specific to the MLI
  • Real-time production monitoring with digital tools
  • Procurement and integration of heating elements and thermistors
  • Expertise in assembly techniques: quilting, cutting, edging and fitting of accessories on the various interfaces
  • Kevlar or aluminum secondary support structures
  • Sunshield
  • MLI beta fabric
  • RF screens
  • SIGRAFLEX® or CHO-THERM® seals
  • Handling skills dedicated to the materials used for thermal protection
  • Heat insulation solutions meetings the project mission specifications (shadow edging, sun edging, atomic oxygen (ATOX) environment, use of titanium, etc.)
  • Heat insulation solutions meeting space industry requirements
  • Process qualification according to the mission environment (LEO, GEO, Exploration…)
  • MLI integration on customer site


  • Structure / harness / MLI synergy
  • Design and integration for constellation or single item
  • Alternative blanket composition
  • Cost optimization
  • Guaranteed delivery lead-time
  • Deliveries worldwide
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