Nano and micro satellites

HEMERIA designs, builds and supplies satellite systems for all types of space missions.

HEMERIA is committed to democratizing access to Space.
Our goal: to offer you simple, rapid, reliable and agile access at the best price.


Build your own space-based, low-speed telecommunication network with HEMERIA’s HP-IOT range. These satellites are designed to provide a very high level of performance over a lifetime of more than 5 years.
Our satellite platforms offer efficient energy production in various orbits and are thus optimized for constellations.

  • High-end design
  • Minimum lifetime of 5 years guaranteed
  • Possibility of integration into the infrastructures 
  • Optimized cost and lead-time


Access your own optical, hyperstral or RF Earth observation capacity thanks to HEMERIA’s HP-EOS range. These satellites contain all the technologies needed for defense intelligence and scientific research missions, and for commercial applications.

  • Multi-missions  
  • Unique solution in terms of power and agility
  • Deployment alone or in a constellation
  • Optimized cost and lead-time


Develop geostationary orbit services using HEMERIA’s HP-GEO platform, a system optimized for these orbits. 
  • Integrated launcher and propulsion interface
  • Simpler mission access
  • Deployment alone or in a constellation
  • Optimized cost and lead-time

Nano and micro satellites

  • Robust solution 
  • Ecological
  • Competitive

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Stratospheric balloons

HEMERIA designs and manufactures stratospheric balloons intended to carry scientific and technical missions up to 45 km into the stratosphere

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