HYPERION multi-sensor EOTS

HEMERIA designs, builds and maintains HYPERION, a high-performance, compact electro-optical tracking system capable of tracking high-speed targets and capturing time and position data.
Our highly reliable EOTS are used on a day-to-day basis in missile and aircraft test centers to observe and track moving targets in flight.

  • Automatic target acquisition and multi-target tracking
  • Radar offering a unique all-in-one customer station solution
  • Mission-customizable HMI
  • Easy calibration plug & play sensors

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Renewal of the fleet of multi-sensor EOTS

Multi-Sensor EOTS

The French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA) placed a contract with HEMERIA for the development, supply and through-life support (TLS) for its new electro-optical tracking systems.

Combination of a wide range of sensors


Complete digital video system

Optical sensors

High-resolution optical sensors in the visible, SWIR, MWIR or LWIR spectra · Single and/or triple focal length telescope · High-speed camera · Multi-spectral analysis camera

Doppler radar

Range of 40 km on a target with an RCS of 0.5 m²

Laser range finder

Repetition frequency of 10 Hz for precise tracking · Range precision of 1 m · 20 km maximum range · Eye Safe


Radiometric precision of the IR signature

Automatic video tracking

Optimized for tests in flight · Multi-target tracking · Double acquisition window · Echo filtering and discrimination criteria · 1 to 2 angle error measurement systems per turret

Advanced functions

Real-time trajectory calculation and display

2D/3D trajectory display, incorporation of all the turrets · Extreme slaving precision to optimize tracking performance · High-resolution double-head encoder for greater precision · Real-time line of sight stabilization for improved precision (naval version) · Time/date stamping of measurements and video stream to one millisecond

Video recording

Video and metadata recorded in MXF file format · Up to 6 Full HD SDI 1080p50 videos recorded

Several turrets working together

Control/Command managing several turrets · Master/Slave function · One or more operators · Data merging between and within turrets for improved tracking

Mission management tools

3D view simulation based on a digital model of the terrain · 2D/3D mission planning · Test results post-processing and analysis software

Robust design

Robust design Long equipment lifetime (MIL STD 38999 connectors) · Guaranteed long-term support · For use in harsh environments · Brushless motor technology · Sectored opening hardened dome

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