Stratospheric balloons

HEMERIA designs and manufactures stratospheric balloons intended to carry scientific and technical missions up to 45 km into the stratosphere

HEMERIA benefits from a fifty-year heritage and a unique industrial site in Europe. We are the leading supplier of scientific stratospheric balloons to the CNES (French space agency) and to several other space agencies.

HEMERIA’s expertise in stratospheric balloons is also valued by major space contractors and New Space players for several groundbreaking projects.

Zero pressure stratospheric balloons

Zero pressure stratospheric balloons are mainly used by the scientific community for astronomy or astrophysics missions. They are also used by space companies to test their equipment close to their final operating conditions.

  • Low cost of access to the stratosphere
  • Able to reach the upper layers of the stratosphere
  • Large payload capacity

Pressurized stratospheric balloons

Pressurized stratospheric balloons are mainly used for long duration missions, in the field of environmental studies or meteorology.


  • Low cost of access to the stratosphere
  • Flight persistence for long term missions
  • High level of reliability and tightness

BalMan, maneuvering stratospheric balloon

Within the framework of “France Relance”, Hemeria develops for the CNES (French space agency) an innovative stratospheric balloon: the maneuvering balloon.

This stratospheric balloon is able to pilot its trajectory in the stratosphere.

  • Facilitate access to space at a lower cost and environmental impact
  • Flying over the same area of interest for a longer time
  • Reduction of logistical and operational constraints

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HEMERIA designs and builds your bespoke space equipment.

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