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Systems expertise


HEMERIA designs miniaturized space systems such as smallsats and orbital transfer vehicles (OTV), in order to meet the growing demand from agencies (defense, science), industry and start-ups.

Simulation of physical models, servo systems, automation, data merging


For more than ten years, HEMERIA has been developing know-how in modelling, servo systems and data merging, through the development of its electro-optical targeting systems.

3D Simulation


HEMERIA offers 3D simulation solutions for operational preparation, training and playback.

Video processing


Through the development of its various products, such as the HyperiAVT video tracker, and of a number of other projects, HEMERIA has acquired extensive experience in real-time video analysis and processing.

Development of tools and benches

Space and Defense

HEMERIA’s activities on numerous, sometimes complex, electronic systems, has led us to develop our own test benches and tools to validate and qualify the performance of an equipment item.

Development of user-friendly software, real-time embedded software and secure software.


HEMERIA has a competence center to develop critical, real-time embedded software. Its know-how is applied to the production of lower layers of complex software, to the production of application software that must meet security requirements, and to the upgrading of existing software (including a reverse-engineering process).

Development of electronic equipment


HEMERIA develops solutions with a high electronic and software content.

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