Space Systems Design

HEMERIA works with you to define the optimum technical solution for your space system.

Combining agility with performance

Based on an analysis of your requirements, HEMERIA produces an optimized design for your space system built around its satellite platforms. HEMERIA is able to provide you with a detailed technical analysis of all aspects of the system, highlighting the risks and benefits of the solution.

An analysis performed by our experts includes:

  • A study of the instrument installation on one of our satellite platforms
  • A solution analyzing the necessary energy, power, on-board/ground, AOCS balances
  • An estimate of the financial cost and implementation schedule
  • Advice for the partners regarding the “launch and operations” part, or an end-to-end proposal managed by HEMERIA

Approved on

Airbus DS



YODA demonstrator


Constellation of smallsats


To address new threats and unfriendly actions in Space, France has a goal: to monitor Space, from Space. Against this backdrop, CNES awarded HEMERIA the YODA project (French acronym for “eyes in orbit for an agile demonstrator”), the aim of which is to design and supply a demonstrator for two reconnaissance smallsats in geostationary orbit, to protect French military satellites from suspicious, or even hostile maneuvers.


In early 2020, KINEIS ordered a constellation of 25 smallsats for the Internet of Things (IoT) from HEMERIA. This constellation benefits from the same industrial consortium as that of ANGELS: HEMERIA for the platforms and solar arrays, THALES ALENIA SPACE for project ownership and SYRLINKS for the payloads.

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Nano and micro satellites

HEMERIA designs, builds and supplies satellite systems for all types of space missions.

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