In early 2020, KINEIS ordered a constellation of 25 smallsats for the Internet of Things (IoT) from HEMERIA. This constellation benefits from the same industrial consortium as that of ANGELS: HEMERIA for the platforms and solar arrays, THALES ALENIA SPACE for project ownership and SYRLINKS for the payloads.

In May 2021, the first test phase – devoted to the three antennas to be deployed on a single side of each smallsat – was a resounding success, confirming the technical, mechanical and RF achievements of this ambitious project. 

Starting in April 2022, the electromagnetic auto-compatibility shock and vibration and solar generator tests were successfully carried out. The project is now in the production phase.

The 25 smallsats will be launched from New Zealand as of mid-2024, with five dedicated launches on Rocket Lab’s Electron. 

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ANGELS, the first French industrial smallsat designed by HEMERIA in collaboration with CNES, placed into orbit in December 2019, has successfully celebrated two years in Space, thus marking the end of the initial contractual undertaking signed by the two partners.

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