Video processing

Through the development of its various products, such as the HyperiAVT video tracker, and of a number of other projects, HEMERIA has acquired extensive experience in real-time video analysis and processing.

The video processing developed at HEMERIA is implemented on GPU, SOC and/or multiprocessor architectures and uses CUDA, OpenGL and OpenCV.

Our expertise covers the 3G SDI, 12G SDI, CoaxPress and GigeVision standards for video stream acquisition, and control protocols such as GenIcam.

Our expertise also covers analysis of SDI signals; time synchronization of video sources and real-time symbology overlay via implementation on SOC (Zynq Ultrascale).

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Development of tools and benches

HEMERIA’s activities on numerous, sometimes complex, electronic systems, has led us to develop our own test benches and tools to validate and qualify the performance of an equipment item.

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