HYPERIA VT multi-target video tracker

HEMERIA designs, builds and maintains HYPERIA VT, a multi-target video tracker capable of simultaneously detecting and tracking several targets of interest in a video stream.

HYPERIA VT is flexible, fully configurable and also enables you to extrapolate trajectories (prediction) offering you tracking to target in all conditions.
  • Automatic target acquisition and multi-target tracking
  • Trajectory extrapolation
  • Full-scale operation

Approved on


Renewal of the multi-sensor turret fleet

Multi-Sensor Turret

The French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA) placed a contract with HEMERIA for the development, supply and through-life support (TLS) for its new electro-optical tracking systems.


  • Automatic target acquisition and tracking
  • Detection of targets of interest according to several criteria (echo filtering and discrimination): size, speed vector, shape
  • Operation in pixels or real values if the tracker receives adequate feedback
  • Use of several types of algorithms to adapt tracking to the type of target and its environment (distant target deformed by atmospheric disturbances, near target contrasted in a cloudy environment, near target with landscape background, etc.)
  • Multi-target detection and automatic tracking of selected target (becomes the main target)
  • On-demand switchover to tracking of the new selected target (each target tracked is automatically given a number)
  • Automatic re-acquisition mechanisms if the main target is lost
  • Algorithms suited to the type of sensor: visible camera, infrared camera
  • Trajectory extrapolation taking account of platform movements if the tracker receives adequate feedback
  • Time synchronization
  • Detection algorithm: centroid / contour / combined
  • Configurable scenario compatible with multiple launches

Video sources

  • Digital video HD SDI 1280×720 50Hz / 1920×1080 25Hz
  • Digital video CoaXPress 100Hz
  • Analog video
  • Suitable for all digital video formats by adapting the video acquisition input stage


  • Control interface: Gigabit Ethernet, XML format
  • Target positions transmission: Gigabit Ethernet, KVL format based on the MISB ST 0601 and MISB ST 0903 standards
  • Graphic configuration application supplied for PC

Other functions

  • Validation of complex scenarios via 3D HIL simulations
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