Multi-Sensor EOTS

The French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA) placed a contract with HEMERIA for the development, supply and through-life support (TLS) for its new electro-optical tracking systems.

This project is to modernize the resources of the DGA’s analysis and testing centers; it more particularly concerns the test centers at Biscarrosse (DGA Essais de Missiles), the Ile du Levant (DGA Essais de Missiles), Cazaux (DGA Essais en Vol) and Balma (DGA Techniques Aéronautiques).

The entire current fleet of diverse electro-optical tracking systems will eventually be replaced by systems supplied by HEMERIA, with optimized carriage capacity and modularity. The Multi-Sensor EOTS (TMS) project, currently under way, consists in developing an electro-optical tracking system using the latest video, radar and multi-sensor merging technologies. These new EOTS offer new functions and enhanced performance, in part due to the integration of new optical sensors covering a broader spectrum, and of a radar. In order to supply a complete electro-optical tracking system, the EOTS are associated with centralized remote-management equipment and a software suite able to perform all the operations involved in electro-optical tracking, from preparation of tests up to real-time and off-line exploitation of the results.

The first example should be delivered in the next few months. A total of 21 electro-optical tracking systems will be delivered in the coming years.

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HEMERIA was selected by THALES for through-life support (TLS) services under the VASSCO contract to support the SCCOA program (Air Operations command and Control System) for the French Armed Forces.
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