Maintenance of ILS systems

To optimize the availability of your runways, HEMERIA maintains aircraft ILS (Instrument Landing Systems) on military airbases and civil airports, thus guaranteeing a safe landing for aircraft, regardless of the weather.

  • CNS certification by the DGAC/DSAC
  • Compliant with the regulations in force
  • Workshop repair of PCBs, antennas
  • Relocation of shelters, repositioning of antennas, calibration


military airbases maintained


civil airports maintained

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Our services

  • preventive and remedial maintenance
  • definition, supply and installation of ILS and NDB systems
  • relocation of ILS (Glideslope and Localizer) antennas and shelters
  • repair of DME/markers, glideslopes and localizers
  • refurbishment of shelters and antennas (Localizer et Glideslope)
  • cable replacement
  • assistance and adjustments for calibration, calibration flights

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