Sovereign tethered aerostat systems

HEMERIA sovereign tethered aerostat systems are designed to lead highly strategic missions mainly related to issues of national sovereignty.

  • Multi-domain surveillance 
  • High altitude and high performance payloads 
  • Usually used for strategic missions of national sovereignty

Approved on

French Ministry of Defense

Serving the French Armed Forces

Main fields of operation

  • Multi-domain border surveillance
  • Surveillance of sensitive areas
  • Protection of military bases
  • Temporary and secure telecommunication network
  • White areas coverage
  • Electronic warfare


  • HEMERIA sovereign tethered aerostat systems rely on a Condor tethered aerostat which embeds one or several payloads. The systems also include a ground station with a C2 (Command and Control). The C2 aims to pilot the payloads, analyze data and securely transmit them in real-time to a command center.
  • Condor systems can be deployed as a stand-alone system or as a network of several systems.
Condor tethered aerostat system


31 meters long

Flying height

Up to 1,200 meters


Up to 250 kg ● Payload options: optronic gimbal, radar, 4G or radio relay, WAMI, SIGINT and COMINT sensors.


Up to 60 days ● Landing is advised every 15 days to ensure system maintenance.

Wind speed limit

Up to 70 nd / 130 km/h


6 to 8 operators ● 4 hours

Transport and storage


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