Surveillance tethered aerostat systems

HEMERIA designs, manufactures and operates airborne ISR systems (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) based on tethered aerostats.

Some surveillance or communication missions require continuous flight persistence over several days or even weeks. HEMERIA tethered aerostats are designed to meet this need while offering competitive operational costs.

  • Uninterrupted 24/7 airborne surveillance, day and night
  • Detection, recognition, identification and tracking of targets of interest
  • Low operational costs, compared to the price per flight hour of traditional aircraft
  • Widely visible systems that deter malicious acts

HEMERIA’s expertise to serve your mission

  • Tethered aerostat platform: supply of an airborne platform to interface with your payload and your system.
  • Tethered aerostat system: supply of a global system answering your need for long term and long range surveillance or communication.
  • Services and operations: tethered aerostat system deployment and operation. We provide you with the ISR data (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) necessary to make a decision. Training of your teams to operate the system.

Tactical tethered aerostat systems

HEMERIA tactical tethered aerostat systems support your ISR missions (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) requiring an airborne system qualified as simple, reliable and quick to deploy.

Easily relocatable, our tactical systems are also well suited to theaters of operation.

  • Easy and quick to deploy
  • Optional tactical trailer for increased mobility
  • Particularly suited to monitor a sensitive site: industrial site, large event, military camp 

Strategic tethered aerostat systems

HEMERIA strategic tethered aerostat systems are deployed for your long term surveillance and communication missions. Versatile and efficient, our systems are interoperable thanks to a large catalog of payloads.

  • Best balance between versatility and performance 
  • Interoperable, thanks to a large catalog of payloads
  • Deployed for maritime and coastal surveillance, border surveillance, protection of military camps

Sovereign tethered aerostat systems

HEMERIA sovereign tethered aerostat systems are designed to lead highly strategic missions mainly related to issues of national sovereignty.

  • Multi-domain surveillance 
  • High altitude and high performance payloads 
  • Usually used for strategic missions of national sovereignty

Next case

Drone airships

HEMERIA designs, manufactures and operates drone airships for your perimeter surveillance and critical infrastructure inspection missions. Combining the advantages of both drones and airships, our systems provide an innovative solution to your long-distance flight challenges.

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