Electronic systems through-life support

Operational at all times! HEMERIA guarantees an agile and reactive service nationwide.

To ensure operational availability and sustained performance for your strategic assets, HEMERIA provides through-life support for your systems. HEMERIA can go to the sites housing your assets, make repairs, store your spares, conduct an obsolescence watch, and be your partner in optimizing the return of your systems to full operational capability.

  • Efficient solutions from component to complete system
  • Guaranteed mission continuity
  • Commitment to long-term performance
  • Controlled total cost of ownership


maintenance operations per year


equipment items maintained per year

Approved on


Maintenance of 17 PAR-NG radars for the French Armed Forces Ministry (DMAé)


Maintenance of ILS systems on 21 military airbases


In April 2019, HEMERIA signed a 10-year contract with the French Aeronautical MRO Division (DMAÉ – Armed Forces Ministry) for the maintenance of 15 of these PAR-NG radars. The PAR-NG radar is a precision approach radar deployed alongside runways and used by the armed forces to assist with aircraft landings.


HEMERIA was selected by THALES for through-life support (TLS) services under the VASSCO contract to support the SCCOA program (Air Operations command and Control System) for the French Armed Forces.

Our ongoing support programs

  • Trajectory tracking radars
  • Landing aid radars
  • Military and civil ILS
  • Calibration, repair and test bench for nuclear, chemical and electronic equipment
  • Electronic warfare simulation resources
  • Electromagnetic illumination, direction finding, analysis and reception system
  • Calibration and collimation solutions
  • Control console refurbishment
  • Radar system shelterization
  • Search and rescue system for submarines
  • French Navy training simulators

Our extended portfolio of services

  • Preventive and remedial maintenance
  • Obsolescence watch, management and processing
  • Reverse engineering, cloning of PCBs
  • Project management
  • Telephone assistance
  • On-site intervention
  • System appraisal and analysis
  • Electrical installation and wiring
  • Civil engineering works coordination
  • Training and documentation updates
  • Skills currency training
  • Configuration management
  • Measuring instruments maintenance (verification, calibration)
  • Electronic equipment repairs
  • Management of stocks of spares
  • Long-duration components storage
  • Dismantling of electronic equipment

Our certifications

  • EN 9100:2018
  • European CNS (Communication Navigation Surveillance) certification for air navigation services providers
  • France and NATO clearances

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Energy conversion and storage solutions

Achieve ultimate performance with more efficient, secured and sustainable energy conversion and storage.
Backed by 20 years of industrial experience in the military nuclear field, HEMERIA can provide you with the best solutions for the energy management of your systems.

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