In April 2019, HEMERIA signed a 10-year contract with the French Aeronautical MRO Division (DMAÉ – Armed Forces Ministry) for the maintenance of 15 of these PAR-NG radars. The PAR-NG radar is a precision approach radar deployed alongside runways and used by the armed forces to assist with aircraft landings.

After 2 years of satisfaction with the services provided by the HEMERIA team at Villebon-sur-Yvette, DMAé notified HEMERIA of an additional contract tranche for a further 2 years. This will be supplemented by the incorporation of 2 extra radars, raising to 17 the number of radars supported by the HEMERIA teams nationwide.

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In July 2011, after 15 months of design and development involving all professions within the company (electronics, real-time software, HMI, optronics, mechanics, cabling and integration), HEMERIA (formerly NEXEYA) delivered its first refurbished electro-optical tracking system to the DGA (French defense procurement agency) as part of the TOM project.
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