Drone airships

HEMERIA designs, manufactures and operates drone airships for your perimeter surveillance and critical infrastructure inspection missions. Combining the advantages of both drones and airships, our systems provide an innovative solution to your long-distance flight challenges.

  • Long-endurance and autopiloted flights
  • Able to achieve stationary flights
  • VTOL drone : vertical take-off and landing
  • More environmentally friendly compared to traditional aircraft

Fields of operation

  • Linear inspection: power lines, pipelines, railways...
  • Area inspection: agriculture, maritime areas
  • Surveillance: perimeter surveillance of sensitive sites

Diridrone project

  • HEMERIA has developed a custom-made drone airship demonstrator for RTE (the French electricity transmission system operator) named Diridrone. The aim of the Diridrone project is to facilitate the maintenance of the electrical network managed by RTE over long distances at a lower cost and environmental impact.

Flying height

According to the applicable regulation ● Sea level: up to 1,000 meters ● Ground level: up to 150 meters

Cruise speed

Up to 50 km/h

Average autonomy

Around 200 km


10 kg

Data transmission

Radio or 3G/4G


2 electric engines pivoting at 360° ● Electrical power generator (hybrid)


15 meters long

Next case

Electronic systems through-life support

Operational at all times! HEMERIA guarantees an agile and reactive service nationwide.

To ensure operational availability and sustained performance for your strategic assets, HEMERIA provides through-life support for your systems. HEMERIA can go to the sites housing your assets, make repairs, store your spares, conduct an obsolescence watch, and be your partner in optimizing the return of your systems to full operational capability.

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