Development of user-friendly software, real-time embedded software and secure software.

HEMERIA has a competence center to develop critical, real-time embedded software. Its know-how is applied to the production of lower layers of complex software, to the production of application software that must meet security requirements, and to the upgrading of existing software (including a reverse-engineering process).

Our industrial IT activities cover a broad spectrum from microcontroller programming, to the development of software endowed with innovative HMI, with 3D motors and maps, not forgetting the deployment of Linux solutions embedded in industrial computers or on system on a chip (SOC), but also via developments using VxWorks platforms. We have extensive expertise in the real time and RAMS constraints linked to these fields of activity. On the technology side, our developments primarily use C/C++ and the Framework Qt for the HMI.

Our secure software development activities comply with the methodologies specific to this type of development and the constraints associated with the RAMS aspects.

Nota: HEMERIA is a member of the Ethercat Technology Group

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Development of electronic equipment

HEMERIA develops solutions with a high electronic and software content.

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