Energy conversion and storage solutions

Achieve ultimate performance with more efficient, secured and sustainable energy conversion and storage.
Backed by 20 years of industrial experience in the military nuclear field, HEMERIA can provide you with the best solutions for the energy management of your systems.

Combining expertise, reliability and performance

Based on an analysis of your needs and security constraints, HEMERIA proposes proven technical solutions in the 10KVA to 50KVA power range:

− Variable speed drive motors to control electrically operated pumps (centrifugal and/or volumetric)
− On-board AC networks
− Resonant brick DC/DC and DC/AC converters with MOSFET or IGBT power switches
− Energy storage solutions of several megajoules

Our fail-safe systems are primarily open-loop to enhance reliability and anticipate disturbances.

We also innovate for power applications greater than 100 KVA. These systems are for example suitable for use in nuclear power plants, to handle the safety functions required in the event of failure of the electrical installations.


HEMERIA has Energy Conversion and RAMS experts at its disposal to provide you with guaranteed reliability, availability, maintainability and safety. 

Applications :

  • Submarines
  • Surface ships

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Electronic systems through-life support

Operational at all times! HEMERIA guarantees an agile and reactive service nationwide.

To ensure operational availability and sustained performance for your strategic assets, HEMERIA provides through-life support for your systems. HEMERIA can go to the sites housing your assets, make repairs, store your spares, conduct an obsolescence watch, and be your partner in optimizing the return of your systems to full operational capability.

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