Strategic tethered aerostat systems

HEMERIA strategic tethered aerostat systems are deployed for your long term surveillance and communication missions. Versatile and efficient, our systems are interoperable thanks to a large catalog of payloads.

  • Best balance between versatility and performance 
  • Interoperable, thanks to a large catalog of payloads
  • Deployed for maritime and coastal surveillance, border surveillance, protection of military camps

Approved on


Maritime surveillance

French Ministry of the interior

Security of large events

French Ministry of Defense and ONERA

CERBERE project: aerial demonstrator measuring the electromagnetic environment

Main fields of operation 

  • Maritime and coastal surveillance
  • Border surveillance
  • Surveillance of critical sites and sensitive areas
  • Security of large events
  • Protection of military camps
  • Temporary and secure telecommunication network
  • White areas coverage
  • Electronic warfare


  • HEMERIA strategic tethered aerostat systems include an Eagle Owl tethered aerostat equipped with one or several payloads. A ground station with a C2 (Command and Control) completes the system in order to control the payload and analyze the data. The C2 enables to transmit the data in real time to an operation or command center, thanks to a secure channel.
  • The Eagle Owl systems can be deployed as a stand alone system or as part of a network.
Eagle Owl tethered aerostat system


Min. 19 meters long ● Several envelope dimensions are available, depending on the required payload.

Flying height

Up to 600 meters


Up to 120 kg ● Payload options: optronic gimbal, radar, 4G or radio relay, WAMI, SIGINT and COMINT sensors.


Up to 50 days ● Landing is advised every 7 days to ensure system maintenance.

Wind speed limit

Up to 60 nd / 110 km/h


3 operators ● 4 hours

Transport and storage


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