Assembly, Integration and Testing (AIT)

HEMERIA offers its customers controlled, rapid production, thanks to recognized skills in assembly, integration and testing of satellite systems.

  • A team of experienced technicians
  • Specific clean rooms
  • CNES/ESA certified processes
  • Risk reduction

4,000 sq-m

of clean rooms

Plant 4.0

with connected tools

Approved on


Constellation of telecommunication satellites


Constellation of Earth observation satellites


Constellation of telecommunication satellites


As the current European leader in satellite structures and harnesses, HEMERIA owes its success in part to the IRIDIUM NEXT project, a constellation of telecommunication satellites.

Our offer :

  • Preparation for integration by seeking to optimize lead-time and quality
  • Checking the correct working of subsystems before integration
  • Integrating the subsystems and checking performance after assembly (environmental tests in space or launch conditions)

Tools and resources

  • More than 4,000 sq-m of ISO 8 clean rooms
  • ISO 5 zone
  • 10 electrical test benches
  • Mechanical test benches
  • Special zone for integrating 500 kg class satellites
  • A qualified multidisciplinary team

Technical expertise and processes

  • Bonding of thermal protection, integration of support lugs, harnesses and equipment
  • Tracking laser alignment
  • Bonding of on-board and external heat pipes
  • Installation of harnesses on structure, wiring and testing of CTA lines
  • MLI assembly and testing
  • Fully assembled structure
  • Storage of electronic equipment and installation on structure
  • Climatic tests


  • From small production runs to constellations
  • Structure / harness / MLI synergy
  • Cost optimization
  • Guaranteed implementation lead-time
  • Deliveries worldwide

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Equipped Structures

Accelerate your developments by letting us take care of your mechanical and thermal subsystems.

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