Develop geostationary orbit services using HEMERIA’s HP-GEO platform, a system optimized for these orbits. 
  • Integrated launch and propulsion interface
  • Simpler mission access
  • Deployment alone or in a constellation
  • Optimized cost and lead-time


Standard Model

Platform size

300x300x300 mm

Platform mass

50 kg (incl. Ring interface)

Max. payload mass

25 kg

Max. payload volume

> 30 U

Battery energy capacity


Payload poser (EOL @ 600km)




100W (ave.)

100W (ave.)


Uplink rate

10 kbps (S-band)

Downlink rate

10 kbps (S-band) · 10 Mbps (X-Band)


> 250 m/s

Position precision


Movement precision


Time accuracy


Attitude pointing error

< 0.04°

Attitude recognition error

< 0.02°

Payload data storage

28 Gb (standard) + 32 Gb (option)

Mission lifetime

> 5 years

AOCS pointing modes

Geocentric / Sun / Target / Inertial · Optional : Polynomial / From the payload

Approved on


Two patrol smallsats


To address new threats and unfriendly actions in Space, France has a goal: to monitor Space, from Space. Against this backdrop, CNES awarded HEMERIA the YODA project (French acronym for “eyes in orbit for an agile demonstrator”), the aim of which is to design and supply a demonstrator for two reconnaissance smallsats in geostationary orbit, to protect French military satellites from suspicious, or even hostile maneuvers.

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