Industrialization of equipment

HEMERIA designs, industrialises, manufactures, tests and integrates various space equipment including complex composite structures, thermal elements, harnesses for industrialists and start-ups.

HEMERIA fully integrates the entire manufacturing process, including controls and testing.

With more than 30 years of expertise in the space industry and a permanent adaptability combined with a strategy focused on innovation and digitalisation, HEMERIA has managed to structure an offer to offer the best compromise between performance, reliability, cost and timeliness.

HEMERIA also supports its clients since the preliminary study phases of their projects with the aim of providing a competitive advantage as early as possible in the V cycle.

This support is based on business expertise / components / production / industrialization… and includes support for studies and qualifications to confirm compatibility with the project environment.

With the aim of providing the highest level of quality, HEMERIA controls its entire supply chain and regularly audits its suppliers. HEMERIA also ensures rigorous documentation of manufacturing and control processes.

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