HEMERIA, a recognized major player in the space industry and a long-standing partner of the French space agency CNES and key prime contractors, designs, produces and supplies cutting-edge space systems and vehicles for commercial, institutional and scientific customers, on a national, European and international scale.


Partner of the French defence procurement agency DGA for many years, HEMERIA is a reliable and agile player for the modernization of your Defense systems. For more than 20 years, HEMERIA has designed, manufactured and supported innovative operational equipment for all of the Armed Forces, the homeland security forces and private security actors.

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📣 𝐏𝐑𝐎𝐌𝐄́𝐓𝐇𝐄́𝐄 𝐬𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐬 𝐇𝐄𝐌𝐄𝐑𝐈𝐀 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐞𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐢𝐭𝐬 𝐉𝐀𝐏𝐄𝐓𝐔𝐒 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬.

PROMÉTHÉE Earth Intelligence and HEMERIA announce the signing of a contract for the supply of the first satellite for the JAPETUS Earth observation constellation. The contract also includes the supply of an additional 20 satellites after the launch of the first satellite.
PROMÉTHÉE will thus become the first European operator capable of delivering real-time and highly responsive data and services. Through this strategic alliance, PROMÉTHÉE will have a sovereign Earth observation infrastructure, enabling it to meet the growing needs in environmental and climate intelligence, defense, and security, serving the protection of citizens and territories.
The satellites provided by HEMERIA, weighing 50 kg, based on the new HP-EOS platform, bring agility and pointing accuracy, enabling high-quality imaging. They will be equipped with high-resolution multispectral cameras manufactured by Safran.

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FLYING WHALES selects HEMERIA to design and produce helium cells for its airships.

👀FLYING WHALES has chosen HEMERIA AIRSHIP, a HEMERIA Group subsidiary, for the design and production of the helium gas cells that will lift its LCA60T airships. This choice confirms the expertise of HEMERIA AIRSHIP (ex-CNIM AIR SPACE) in the complex, pressurized materials it has been designing for many years.
In this context, HEMERIA AIRSHIP will initially supply the 14 helium cells for the first LCA60T. With a view to a long-term partnership, HEMERIA AIRSHIP has decided to invest in a new plant entirely equipped and dedicated to the production of these gas cells. The new facility will be built in Ayguesvives, near the company’s current site, and will be operational within a year.

📸 : Nicolas Multan and Vincent Guibout

HEMERIA and Latitude (ex-Venture Orbital Systems) signed a Letter of Intent for future collaboration

🚨🚨 We are delighted to kick-off this Paris Space Week 2023 by announcing HEMERIA and Latitude (ex-Venture Orbital Systems) signed a Letter of Intent for future collaboration 🚀🛰️
As the two French NewSpace companies complete each other on the #SmallSats market, this collaboration naturally came together to provide end customers with a complete and competitive offer. On each flight #Zephyr could indeed host several satellites produced by HEMERIA.
“Having competitive launch solutions adapted to small satellites will allow us to offer tailored offerings to our customers.” explains Gregory Pradels, VP Business Development of HEMERIA.

📷 Adeline Pitrois (Head of Sales at Latitude) and Nicolas Multan (CEO at HEMERIA) today at Paris Space Week 2023.

HEMERIA received France 2 on it Ayguesvives site.

At the heart of the news in recent days: the stratospheric balloon!

Thank you to France 2 and the journalist Simon Ricottier who came to film the HEMERIA teams in the manufacture of the balloons, and who devoted part of their report to our innovative project BalMan, a maneuvering stratospheric balloon dedicated to Earth Observation or Telecommunications.

HEMERIA, the European leader in this field, is a precursor of this technology, the advantages of which are numerous: less polluting and less expensive than a satellite solution and an ability to carry out long missions, among other things.

HEMERIA was selected by UK based Astroscale Ltd, to build the structural panels for the upcoming ELSA-M mission.

HEMERIA was selected by UK based Astroscale Ltd, to build the structural panels for the upcoming ELSA-M mission. Headquartered in Japan, Astroscale is uniquely focused on securing space sustainability across all orbits.
The objective of the ELSA-M mission is to safely and responsibly capture and remove multiple (M) client satellites in a single mission, providing End-Of-Life-Services (ELSA).
As part of this mission, HEMERIA has been entrusted with the production of 21 structural panels for the SQM and PFM space vehicles, which will be manufactured over 2023.
This case is strategically important for HEMERIA, as Astroscale is a new international customer at the forefront of new space applications.

HEMERIA today announced it has been selected by Airbus OneWeb Satellites, LLC (AOS) to design and build Betacloth MLI.

HEMERIA, a leading provider of Multi-Layer Insulation (MLI) Blankets to the global space industry, today announced it has been selected by Airbus OneWeb Satellites, LLC (AOS) to design and build Betacloth MLI. The hardware will be integrated into the portfolio of Arrow commercial small satellites manufactured by AOS.
Airbus OneWeb Satellites LLC is a joint venture between Airbus and OneWeb. AOS manufactures satellites for the OneWeb commercial constellation and Airbus customers in Merritt Island, Florida. AOS is producing satellites for Airbus U.S. Space & Defense, Inc., in support of U.S. government programs.

HEMERIA has been selected by the French Ministry for the Economy, Finance and Recovery under the ASTROID project.

HEMERIA, as leader of a consortium of 7 partners (ANYWAVESCOMATCS GROUPMECANO IDSTEEL ELECTRONIQUESyntony GNSS), has been selected by the French Ministry for the Economy, Finance and Recovery as a beneficiary of the “France Relance” recovery plan, under the ASTROID project (Advanced Satellite Technology, Radio Occultation and IoD Demonstrator), which consists of in-orbit testing on a HEMERIA smallsat platform of equipment and technological solutions from our 6 partners to qualify them for an operational environment. This mission is financed by all the partners.

HEMERIA announces the acquisition of CNIM Air Space, European leader in stratospheric, tethered and maneuvering aerostats.

🚨 HEMERIA announces the acquisition of CNIM Air Space, European leader in stratospheric, captive and maneuvering aerostats.

The sovereign fund DEFINVEST of the Ministry of the Armed Forces remains the holder of 15% of the capital, alongside HEMERIA Invest, HEMERIA’s parent company.

Recognized specialist in helium-filled aerostats, backed by long experience and a key position with major European customers, CNIM Air Space develops and manufactures high-tech products such as balloons, airships and diridrones.

HEMERIA signs long-term partnership (2022-2030) with Thales Alenia Space

HEMERIA signs long-term partnership (2022-2030) with Thales Alenia Space to industrialize and mass-produce aluminum composite structures for SPACE INSPIRE, its new range of innovative software defined telecommunications satellites.
This agreement is the culmination of nearly two years of co-engineering for the industrial implementation of special processes and technologies combining performance, short cycles and competitiveness.
This process was supported by CNES (French space agency), which supports R&D of the SPACE INSPIRE product line, through the Future Investment Program (PIA).
This partnership consolidates the industrial relationship between our two companies, initiated through the constellation projects (Globalstar 2, O3B and IRIDIUM NEXT) and currently pursued within the KINEIS constellation dedicated to the Internet of Things.

Visit of French Space Command

Nicolas Multan and the HEMERIA teams had the pleasure of receiving General Philippe ADAM, recently appointed head of the Space Command, and Colonel Xavier Gallais this morning.

This meeting provided an opportunity to discuss current topics such as #YODA, the demonstrator of two patrolling smallsats that will operate in geostationary orbit to protect French military satellites from suspicious maneuvers, or to address other topics of interest in the field of space.

Visit of Joël BARRE - DGA

It was a great pleasure for Philippe Gautier and our team to welcome the Head of the DGA, JOËL BARRE, who came to see the targeting turret soon to be delivered to DGA – Direction générale de l’armement.

Our trajectography systems at the Invalides

Our turret and its “command post” shelter arrived safely at the Invalides monument in Paris as part of the Bastille Day parade.
Our team of experts Bertrand HUVENOIT, Michaël Krebs and Vincent Bussières are delighted to receive the public to present this new targeting system for the DGA – Direction générale de l’armement.
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SmallSat conference

📢 HEMERIA will be present at the Small Satellite Conference (SmallSat) from August 6 to 11, 2022 at Utah State University, Logan, Utah. Maxime Valençon and Kilian Pfaab will be there to welcome you!
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Hemeria receives the President of CNES

Today, the Executive Management of HEMERIA received Philippe Baptiste, CNES Chairman, Lionel Suchet, CNES Chief Operating Officer, and Hugo Gonzalez, Head of the BASS program and the Newspace team at CNES, for a special visit of our industrial infrastructure and clean rooms. Their interest in our expertise and skills, and the quality of our discussions, reinforce France’s ambition to have enterprising and determined players in Space.
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HEMERIA Customers

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Systems expertise


HEMERIA designs miniaturized space systems such as smallsats and orbital transfer vehicles (OTV), in order to meet the growing demand from agencies (defense, science), industry and start-ups.

Simulation of physical models, servo systems, automation, data merging


For more than ten years, HEMERIA has been developing know-how in modelling, servo systems and data merging, through the development of its electro-optical targeting systems.

3D Simulation


HEMERIA offers 3D simulation solutions for operational preparation, training and playback.

Video processing


Through the development of its various products, such as the HyperiAVT video tracker, and of a number of other projects, HEMERIA has acquired extensive experience in real-time video analysis and processing.

Development of tools and benches

Space and Defense

HEMERIA’s activities on numerous, sometimes complex, electronic systems, has led us to develop our own test benches and tools to validate and qualify the performance of an equipment item.

Development of user-friendly software, real-time embedded software and secure software.


HEMERIA has a competence center to develop critical, real-time embedded software. Its know-how is applied to the production of lower layers of complex software, to the production of application software that must meet security requirements, and to the upgrading of existing software (including a reverse-engineering process).

Development of electronic equipment


HEMERIA develops solutions with a high electronic and software content.

Our Values and Future Goals for HEMERIA 

HEMERIA was founded with the idea that each nation should be able to access autonomous space and defense capabilities, for a safer, more sustainable and more equitable world. We help our customers to deploy their tactical missions in constrained environments responding to strong strategic challenges such as the protection of populations and territories, the dissemination/collection of information or even easier access to space. For this, HEMERIA designs, produces and maintains operational systems with the highest level of performance while being very accessible.

At HEMERIA, we share strong values with our customers, partners, government institutions and our employees, notably commitment, innovation and excellence, with respect for ethics and the environment.

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