HEMERIA has been selected by the French Ministry for the Economy, Finance and Recovery as a beneficiary of the “France Relance” recovery plan, under the ASTROID project (Advanced Satellite Technology, Radio Occultation and IoD Demonstrator), which consists of in-orbit testing (IOT) on a HEMERIA smallsat platform of equipment and technological solutions from 6 partners (ANYWAVES, COMAT, CS GROUP, MECANO ID, STEEL and SYNTONY) to qualify them for an operational environment.

Satellite integration will begin at HEMERIA in mid-2023 for a launch in early 2024.
This mission will enable our partners to carry out Radio Occultation experiments (ANYWAVES, SYNTONY) to observe the behavior of GNSS signals (Galileo, GPS, etc.) diffracted by the atmosphere, when the emitting satellite dips below the horizon. These data will be used to determine atmospheric properties and notably contribute to weather forecasting. The mission will also be used to test an on-board computer (OBC) designed by STEEL.

As regards HEMERIA, the project sponsor, this will be the maiden flight of its HP-IoT platform, a high-performance version of the platform developed for the Kineis constellation project. For HEMERIA, the stakes are high in terms of innovation, cost, processes and rapidity of launch to orbit.
[This project was financed by the French Government under the Recovery Plan and by the European Union under NextGenerationUE.]

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CNES has entrusted HEMERIA with the project to design and build solar arrays and harnesses for the MMX Rover which is to land on Phobos in 2024.

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