CNES has entrusted HEMERIA with the project to design and build solar arrays and harnesses for the MMX Rover which is to land on Phobos in 2024.

MMX (Martian Moons eXploration) will explore and study the two moons of Mars, Deimos and Phobos. The main goal of this mission, initiated by the Japanese space agency JAXA, is to map and determine the elementary and mineralogical composition of these moons, before returning samples from Phobos to Earth.

The MMX Rover is being developed in cooperation with the French and German space agency (CNES and DLR respectively). 

This will be the first time that a spacecraft travels on a body with such low gravity.

This is an ambitious major project for HEMERIA, representing success in two strategic areas:

  • our position as one of the European leaders in the design, construction and integration of space subassemblies (Harness, Structures and MLI); and
  • the launch of a range of “solar arrays” products. 

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HEMERIA has been selected by REDWIRE SPACE to design, develop, build, integrate and test harnesses for their first Staark® LEO-S10 robotic arm.

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