HEMERIA and RTE (the French electricity transmission system operator) have signed an R&D partnership contract to develop a drone airship dedicated to power lines inspection: Diridrone

RTE’s objective is to work on future solutions to modernize and automate the aerial vehicles dedicated to the inspection of high-voltage lines over long distances at lower cost and environmental impact.

The Diridrone drone airship developed by HEMERIA is a complementary innovation to RTE existing aeronautical means. Diridrone has been equipped with sensors capable of collecting the status of power line components and modeling their environment. To facilitate inspection operations, Diridrone has been designed as an automatic drone, able to go alone from point A to point B, thanks to its custom-made autopilot.

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In April 2019, HEMERIA signed a 10-year contract with the French Aeronautical MRO Division (DMAÉ – Armed Forces Ministry) for the maintenance of 15 of these PAR-NG radars. The PAR-NG radar is a precision approach radar deployed alongside runways and used by the armed forces to assist with aircraft landings.

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