HEMERIA and its German partner in-innovative navigation Gmbh have been selected by Frontex in 2021 to lead an innovative pilot project. The contract included the deployment of two maritime surveillance aerostat systems for several months.

The solution offered by HEMERIA and in-innovative navigation GmbH to Frontex combined various surveillance sensors with a high degree of automation and a flexible, adaptable aerostat platform into a single comprehensive solution for persistent maritime surveillance.

The deployment of the aerostat systems took place in Greece, in close collaboration with the Hellenic coast guards. It started in July 2021 and ended in November 2021.

Each system was composed of an Eagle Owl tethered aerostat, equipped with a HD EO/IR optronic gimbal, a maritime radar and an AIS receiver. The systems contributed to the monitoring of maritime areas and provided Frontex with the ability to detect, recognize and identify activities of interest. Each aerostat had a ground station equipped with a C2 (Command and Control) workstation. The ground station controlled the sensors, analysed the collected data, and transmitted the most relevant information to Frontex operation centres.

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HEMERIA and RTE (the French electricity transmission system operator) have signed an R&D partnership contract to develop a drone airship dedicated to power lines inspection: Diridrone

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