Electro-optical targeting radar

In December 2021, HEMERIA was awarded a contract by DGA-EM for the overhaul of their 18 electro-optical targeting radars.

HEMERIA’s task will be to refurbish the operator consoles for all the radars and replace the antenna shelters and trailers for the 3 mobile radars. By entrusting this project to HEMERIA, DGA-EM consolidates HEMERIA’s position as expert on the radar and electro-optical targeting through-life support market.

One of our challenges is now to meet the very short contractual deadlines, as the goal is to complete all the work on the 18 radars by April 2024.

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In April 2019, HEMERIA signed a 10-year contract with the French Aeronautical MRO Division (DMAÉ – Armed Forces Ministry) for the maintenance of 15 of these PAR-NG radars. The PAR-NG radar is a precision approach radar deployed alongside runways and used by the armed forces to assist with aircraft landings.

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