HEMERIA is the long-time industrial partner of CNES: HEMERIA supplies the stratospheric balloons for the CNES annual scientific campaigns.

HEMERIA and CNES have been collaborating since 1971 in the field of stratospheric balloons.

HEMERIA manufactures two types of stratospheric balloons for CNES:

  • Zero pressure stratospheric balloons, which have both a technical and scientific vocation. They are used to study the dynamics and chemistry of the stratosphere, but also in astrophysics, geophysics, astronomy, etc. They are also used to test satellite and spacecraft equipment.
  • Pressurized stratospheric balloons which carry out scientific and Earth observation missions. They are regularly deployed by specialists in climate science or meteorology.

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To address new threats and unfriendly actions in Space, France has a goal: to monitor Space, from Space. Against this backdrop, CNES awarded HEMERIA the YODA project (French acronym for “eyes in orbit for an agile demonstrator”), the aim of which is to design and supply a demonstrator for two reconnaissance smallsats in geostationary orbit, to protect French military satellites from suspicious, or even hostile maneuvers.

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