Electro-Optical Targeting Systems

Achieving the ultimate in electro-optical targeting performance.

HEMERIA’s fixed or mobile electro-optical targeting systems are intended for use in harsh environments and are designed and marketed for agile utilization, in order to meet all your strategic challenges.

HEMERIA offers its customers a complete package, including a configurable and ultra-precise electro-optical targeting system, a control system with modern consoles, software tools for simulation, data processing and analysis.

HYPERION multi-sensor turrets

HEMERIA designs, builds and maintains HYPERION, a high-performance, compact electro-optical targeting system capable of tracking high-speed targets and capturing time and position data.
Our highly reliable turrets are used on a day-to-day basis in missile and aircraft test centers to observe and track moving targets in flight.

  • Automatic target acquisition and multi-target tracking
  • Radar offering a unique all-in-one customer station solution
  • Mission-customizable HMI
  • Easy calibration with plug & play sensors

HYPERIA VT multi-target video tracker

HEMERIA designs, builds and maintains HYPERIA VT, a multi-target video tracker capable of simultaneously detecting and tracking several targets of interest in a video stream.

HYPERIA VT is flexible, fully configurable and also enables you to extrapolate trajectories (prediction) offering you tracking to target in all conditions.
  • Automatic target acquisition and multi-target tracking
  • Trajectory extrapolation
  • Full-scale operation

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Energy conversion and storage solutions

Achieve ultimate performance with more efficient, secured and sustainable energy conversion and storage.
Backed by 20 years of industrial experience in the military nuclear field, HEMERIA can provide you with the best solutions for the energy management of your systems.

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