HEMERIA consolidates its portfolio with a generic multimissions smallsat bus, with the support of the French government

HEMERIA  has been selected by the Secretariat General for Investment (SGPI) and the French space agency CNES under the government’s PIA future investments programme to develop an innovative generic nanosatellite bus.

This project, co-funded equally by the government and HEMERIA, consolidates a strategic roadmap intended to give France and the commercial market a solution affording unique agility and power for small satellites in the 50-kg class. This solution combines France’s long legacy in space technologies with innovative industrial processes to pack extra performance into a smallsat bus at a competitive cost.

After its HP-DEM demonstrator mission bus proven on the ANGELS mission and its HP-IoT bus for low-throughput telecommunications missions employed in the KINEIS constellation, HEMERIA is now set to offer with its industry partners and CNES the HP-EOS bus built around cutting-edge European technologies for civil, military and scientific applications.