Embedded systems


HEMERIA designs, builds, tests and integrates composite aluminium and carbon structures for Earth-observation and telecommunications satellites, as well as for science missions and constellations. Our facilities have the capacity to accommodate structures of up to 4 metres x 2 metres.

Our state-of-the-art technologies include aluminium or carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) skins, dual-density honeycomb, bonding of thermal and mechanical doublers, co-curing of embedded fittings and heat pipes, paints (PU1, etc.), secondary surface mirrors and optical solar reflectors. Our teams are experts in all processes from drape forming of skins, construction of sandwich panels, firing, trimming, drilling and bonding of inserts to machining, finishing and equipping of panels, static tests and final integration of the satellite structure.

Wire harnesses

HEMERIA is the European leader in the design, sizing, production, testing and integration of embedded harnesses for satellites and launchers.

We manufacture harnesses for telecommunications, Earth-observation, science and navigation satellites, and have built up an impressive record in constellations. We also supply harnesses for launchers and satellite dispensers, as well as serving nuclear and military applications.

We have honed our own qualified processes for very aggressive environments, and have the facilities and skills to work in specific and highly constrained conditions. We also offer significant innovation capacity through our all-digital Industry 4.0 strategy.


Thermal insulation for satellites and instruments

HEMERIA designs, manufactures, tests and integrates satellite and instrument thermal control subsystems. The most comprehensive of these comprise single-layer (SLI) and multi-layer insulation (MLI), secondary support structures made from Kevlar or aluminium, sunshields, beta cloth MLI, RF screens, SSM, thermistors, heaters and SIGRAFLEX® or CHO-THERM® seals.

Conceived in ISO 8 cleanrooms by qualified operators, our thermal insulation solutions meet project mission specifications (shadow edging, sun edging, atomic oxygen (ATOX) environment, use of titanium, etc.) and the requirements of leading space industry contractors.